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Cummins 150 hp six cylinder-turbo charged with after cooler, water cooled diesel engine.

Play load
3650 kgs.

Heavy duty three ram geometry (Z bar linkage) providing high breakout forces with excellent loading characteristics. The pin, bush and sealing design on all pivot pins provide extended maintenance intervals.

4 wheel drive, automatic smooth shift transmission electrically operated selector and gear change incorporating a speed inhibitor and modulation for smooth, responsive on-the-move direction and ratio changes. Single stage integral torque converter, 4 forward and 3 reverse gears.

Priority steer hydraulic system with priority valve operating at 170-180 bar to provide smooth low effort response. Steer rams located high in the chassis to provide protection from damage. Adjustable steering column.

Single gear pump directly mounted on transmission. Twin spool remote mounted valve block with bucket float. Main services are servo actuated from a hydraulic remote lever (joystick).

Bucket Options
1.8 cu.m. (Rock)
2.1 cu.m. (Standard)
2.3 cu.m.
2.7 cu.m.
3.1 cu.m.

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