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20T tracked excavator with proven and efficient Cummins engine with I27 hp net power designed and developed to work in hot and dusty conditions, making it reliable and durable.

JS200HD structures are specially built for arduous applications with the following key features
Reinforced lower frame
Long carriage frame
Reinforced revolving frame and counter weight
Reinforced boom
Heavy duty dipper
Engine with pre-cleaner
Optional cab guard & skirting

Filtration System
The hydraulic components are protected by the highest standard of filtration to ensure long hydraulic fluid life up to 5000 hrs (subject to SOS & recommended maintenance practices) and component life.

Hydraulic System
A variable flow load sensing system with flow on demand, variable power output and servo operated, multi-function open centre control.

Bucket Options
0.90 cu.m (Standard)
0.90 cu.m. (Heavy Duty)

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