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2 IT Tracked Excavator with ISUZU-138 hp engine Tier II that is reliable and fuel efficient.

Superior Operator environment
Fully adjustable suspension seat with stereo, lighter, clock, storage box and excellent all-round visibility.

X-type Under Carriage
Heavy duty apex design, sealed track chain and scalloped drive sprockets for extra life.

Attractive Appearance
Modern styling, automotive quality, pressed steel construction and luxurious interior finish.

Advanced Management System (AMS)
For constant monitoring of machine usage information with four modes of operation and power boost.

Excellent Tearout-Forces
Dipper & bucket tear out forces are the best in their class.

The hydraulic components are protected by the highest standard of filtration, to ensure long hydraulic fluid and component life.

Bucket Options
0.90 cu.m (Standard)
0.90 cu.m. (Heavy Duty)
1.02 cu.m

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